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How to Register as a Coach on this Website

"I have had a couple great clients from LCLC over the past year, and it definitely has helped me to get the coaching hours I needed for certification.  I'm now in the position of filling my practice with full-paying clients but would like to hold 2 spaces available through your website."  Beth Garrish, May 2007

"Wow - I've gotten 4 new clients in the last 2 weeks! Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!"  Robin Simons, January 2007

Below are the most frequently asked questions about being listed as a coach on this site.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us and we'll get back to you.

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How do I become a life coach?

If you want to become a life coach, a good place to start is http://www.becomeacertifiedcoach.com

A good book about how to become a life coach is "Getting Started in Personal and Business Coaching" by Stephen Fairley.  Our favorite book for developing your coaching skills is "CoActive Coaching" by Laura Whitworth.  If you have more questions about how to become a life coach, please feel free to contact us at info@LowCostLifeCoaching.com and we'll do our best to help you.

What qualifications do I need to be a coach listed on this site?

To be listed as a life coach on this site you need to have completed your coach training and certification, or be working towards completion of your coach training with substantial related experience.  We will ask you to confirm your coach training and experience on the application form.

What does it cost to be listed as a life coach on this site?

To be listed in our life coach directory costs $149 USD for one year.

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(Note: Some people get confused about the $50 a month vs. the $149 a year. The $50 a month is what clients pay you; the $149 a year is what you pay for your life coach listing. You do not pay a monthly fee to be listed as an available life coach on this site.)

What do I get for my life coach listing fee?

You get:

1) a photo and profile in our "Find a Coach" life coach directory for a period of one year;

2) a link to your coaching web site if you have one;

3) to have your life coaching articles posted on the Articles page (with your life coach bio information and a link back to your coaching website if you have one.)

After someone hires me, what next?

After a life coaching client hires you, the next steps you take would be the same as you would do with any client. LowCostLifeCoaching.com does not monitor or oversee the life coaching process.  The only thing we require is that you honor the price and time commitment of three 30 minute coaching sessions a month for up to three months.

What happens after the three months of coaching go by?

At the end of the three month low-cost coaching period, you and the client will reassess. The client may choose to leave the coaching relationship.  Or they may want to continue on at your regular rate.  Or, you might decide you are willing to continue coaching them at a reduced fee. It's entirely up to you.

Do coaching clients have to prove that they can't afford a higher fee?

No.  Clients will have a variety of reasons for wanting to try the LowCostLifeCoaching.com approach.  For some people it will be financial need.  For others, it might be wanting to try out a life coach service without a big financial investment.  For still others, it might be wanting a bargain on life coaching.  That's all fine.  As long as it is a win-win for both client and life coach, everyone benefits. 

How many life coaching clients will I get?

It varies depending on the coach, their coaching niche, and how they come across in the initial interactions with potential clients. Some coaches get as many as six new clients a year; others get none.  

We have a policy that if you do not earn at least the cost of your yearly membership ($149), we will renew your membership for an additional year at no charge

Do coaches go on to get regular-rate clients and/or referrals later?

The anecdotal feedback we have heard indicates that coaches do get additional referrals and regular-rate clients. 

Do you have any stats on referral numbers?

Sorry, no. Because clients contact the coaches directly we don't have any way of tracking that.

How do you market this site?

This site is mainly marketed by Internet marketing techniques such as SEO (search engine optimization), forum postings and article distribution.

Is there a minimum number of life coaching clients I have to take on?

You can take on as many or as few life coaching clients as you wish. Most of our life coaches are busy building their full-fee coaching practices, and choose to make room in their schedules for two or three low-cost life coaching clients at a time.  But it is entirely up to you.

What do I say if a regular client asks why they are paying full fee?

Donating a certain portion of your professional time to low-fee or pro-bono work is long-established and well-regarded in many professional circles.  Lawyers, for example, do it regularly.  It's unlikely that a regular client will ask you this question, but if it comes up you might say: "The majority of my clients pay $X a month, but I do donate some time each month to coaching people who otherwise would not be able to afford coaching.  These low-fee slots are very limited in number, and also do not include x, y and z that I offer my full-fee clients."  Or something along those lines.

Want to give it a try?

Click here for application form. Remember, if you don't at least recover the cost of your membership in the first year, we will renew your membership for an additional year at no charge.