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Achieve Goals Faster with a Personal Life Coach

You'd love to work with a life coach. To motivate and inspire you. To achieve goals faster.

But paying hundreds of dollars a month for a life coach is out of your budget?

Good news - there is a low cost coaching option. Now you can hire a personal life coach for a very affordable $50 a month. Yes, you read that right! Only $50 for three 30 minute private coaching sessions each month.

Interested? Click here to choose your life coach now.

You can rest easy: there's no catch and there's no hidden fees. We have a directory of professional life coaches who are willing to offer their services for a three month period at a greatly reduced fee.

It's a very simple win-win for both client and life coach.

As the client, you get:

  • to choose your personal life coach from our directory
  • three months of professional life coaching for $50 a month
  • the same high quality service from your life coach as you would paying full price

The life coach gets:

  • to work with a broader range of coaching clients
  • to build coaching hours for coach certification
  • the potential for a client testimonial or referrals from you

How does life coaching work?

In the same way that a soccer coach helps you get better results in soccer, or a voice coach helps you improve your singing, life coaches help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.

How do life coaches do this? They listen, question, support and provoke. They suggest possibilities that you may not have considered. They help you find solutions and strategies that will work for your unique situation.

Most coaching is done over the telephone. Although the idea may seem strange at first, it's very effective and you'll enjoy the convenience and efficiency that this allows. And that means that you don't have to limit your choice of coach to someone in your geographic area.

How does Low Cost Life Coaching work?

It's very simple. First, click here to see short profiles of all the life coaches.

We recommend that you contact two or three coaches for a short consultation to discuss your life coaching needs and get a sense of the coach's style. All the coaches offer a complimentary 20 - 30 minute initial consultation.

After you decide which coach you'd like to work with, your coach will explain all the details about how to get started. Then you'll set up your first appointment and pay the coach directly. Most coaches accept credit cards and debit cards for online payments.

You can receive life coaching at the special $50 a month rate for up to three months. You can stop any time by giving your coach two week's notice.

After the three months is up, you can choose to continue the coaching relationship at the coach's regular rates if you wish. However, there is no obligation to do so. In fact, many clients find that three months is just the right length of time to make the progress they were hoping for.

Would you like to hire a life coach?

You can start today. Click here to see the coaches. Because if not now, when?