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(From the "Take Time" newsletter -- a monthly e-zine. Please sign up at www.Wright-Oncoaching.com).


This past year I have discovered coaching and it has become a passion for me. It has proven to be both rewarding and challenging. While coaching and trying to decide what specialty I would choose, I thought that since all of life's issues seem to touch on the spiritual, spiritual life coaching was the best fit for me.

With that in mind, I am launching an email series called Take Time for Food for Thought. I intend to send something every other week and I hope you find something that touches your spirit.


"The spiritual life is an endless river, a bottomless spring, a deep well". (Sue Monk Kidd, Firstlight.)

Ms. Kidd tells a story of an applewood table made in New England for a farmer sixty years ago. One day a gnawing sound began to emanate from the table. It kept up for several weeks until a bug emerged, unfurled its wings and flew away.

An insect had been deposited in the trunk of the tree before it was made into a table and had remained in the wood all these years. Warmed, perhaps, by the heart of a coffee urn place on the table, it hatched and a little bug gnawed its way out.

We all have seeds with in us of hidden promise. We just have to take time to recognize our potentials - time to nurture our spirits.

Have you had time to nurture your spirit?
Do you have practices that keep you on track - balanced?

We all have a desire to be well balanced, in our minds, bodies and spirits. But we need to be aware of the importance of taking that time to nurture all three.

When we take the time to focus on one task or one thought at a time, we naturally tend to slow down, and become more aware and conscious of what we are doing.

Until the next Take Time.

About the Author:

Lois Wrightson is a Spiritual Life Coach who helps to nurture your individual spiritual development through the discovery and affirmation of your own beliefs and values. If you mention LowCostLifeCoaching.com when you contact her, you will receive the special discounted rate of $50 a month for coaching services.  To contact Lois please email lois@wright-oncoaching.com or go to www.Wright-OnCoaching.com.

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