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Stop Stressing and Embrace Self Care as a Business Move

Most business owners wind up overworked at some point and getting over the burnout hurdle requires some creativity. It also requires some time off.

You don’t need a vacation in the Bahamas to refresh and restore your passion, though. There’s a reason self-care is trending these days: it can help boost your energy levels and get you back to 100 percent “on” while you’re entrepreneur-ing.

Use these self-care tips from LowCostLifeCoaching.com to start de-stressing ASAP.

First Off, How Does Self-Care Work?

The explanation for why entrepreneurs need to make time for self-care is simple: balance is everything. Dedicating 40+ hours to your business might be a necessity, but so is living your actual life. Downtime, where you can nurture your body and mind, is essential for keeping your enthusiasm up when it’s business time.

Save Time for Yourself

Part of the dilemma for entrepreneurs trying to figure out how to make time for self-care is the fact that they’re overbooked already. You might be a staunch solopreneur, but consider the potential benefits of giving away some responsibility so you have time to enjoy a few hours (or more) off.

Outsourcing some of your business operations can free up your schedule so you can work less and work smarter. Having a freelancer could be the solution for avoiding time-consuming tasks that drain your brain – you can spend the required time on actual work, get stuff done, and cut out earlier, too. You might also consider working with a life coach, who can help you arrange your schedule so that it includes enough “me” time. In fact, you should consider working with one of the great coaches available through LowCostLifeCoach.com.

Get Organization Out of the Way

Most elements of your business require some attention and adjustment over the days, weeks, and months. But some things are once-and-done, like forming a proper company structure. Plus, this may be a necessary step if you’re hiring freelancers or employees.

For example, forming an LLC has plenty of benefits for your organization – like tax perks, enhanced flexibility, and protection against liability – that are also helpful for nixing stress. You can handle this step once and then forget about it.

Burn Off Nervous Energy

Maybe you’re waiting for a business deal to go through or literally sitting on the edge of your seat, anticipating an influx of orders or client requests. Instead of pacing around your desk, burn off your energy in the gym (or outside).

Exercise is proven to help ease stress, of course, and researchers are learning even more about how the brain and body interact during and after exercise, notes Healthline. It’s clear that working up a sweat is positive for your mind and your muscles, so make movement a cornerstone of your routine.

Add a Dose of Relaxation

Incorporating relaxing habits into your day is another way to ease stress without spending hours orchestrating an elaborate at-home spa day or taking a mini-vacation. Not everyone relaxes the same way, but strategies like meditation or yoga can help you wind down after a stressful day. You might also outfit your office with a small speaker so that you can listen to relaxing sounds or your favorite calming tunes during the course of your day.

If you find it hard to relax or really take your mind off daily stressors, take some time to explore what relaxation means to you, suggests Self. Therapists recommend reframing your perception of “relaxation” in regard to the outcome you’re aiming for. If you feel buzzed-up after spending time on social media, for example, that’s not a solid relaxation method.

Once you figure out what to do, make time to do it – and stick to a schedule. Making self-care a regular habit is a must to reap the most benefits possible.

Brad Krause