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You have just successfully accomplished one of your life long challenges and you are thinking - life couldn't be better. Then, suddenly, you begin to feel a restlessness. It seems to come from nowhere and you can't figure out why.

Restlessness can materialize in a variety of forms and intensity. It often comes in the form of loneliness. It is, however normal and although a bit mysterious, it is common. So what can we do about it?

Ronald Rolheiser in his book Restless suggests that "we should develop through hard effort, certain patterns of life that will help us to cope with the pain of loneliness and that will help us to return its potentially paralyzing grip into a creative force".
"When we feel our restlessness most acutely, we must stop our external attention and be silent and still long enough that we begin to feel comfortable in silence and stillness. If we persevere eventually this practice will give us a degree of solitude that will enable us to creatively channel the restless forces inside of us, so we can be at peace with them."

Take time to nurture your spirit with silence and stillness.


The term spiritualiy was almost exclusively a roman catholic term prior to 1964. Over the past 40 years, the study of spirituality has rapidly grown. Now there are research doctoral programs in spirituality and perhaps we have a better grip on what it actually is.

"Sprituality is the experience of consciously striving to integrate one's life in terms not of isolation and self absorption but of self-transcendence toward the ultimate value one perceives."
-- Sandra M. Schneiders

Spirituality is personal, it will look different for each individual. It depends on what your "ultimate value" is.

About the Author:

Lois Wrightson is a Spiritual Life Coach who helps to nurture your individual spiritual development through the discovery and affirmation of your own beliefs and values. If you mention LowCostLifeCoaching.com when you contact her, you will receive the special discounted rate of $50 a month for coaching services.  To contact Lois please email lois@wright-oncoaching.com or go to www.Wright-OnCoaching.com.

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