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Managing Lifeís Milestones in the Midst of a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. From how we work to how we socialize, every little detail of life has been turned on its head since COVID-19 forced us to stay at home.

In the midst of all these little changes, some people are going through major milestones. Some of these changes are positive, and some are challenging, but theyíve all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Here are four life milestones you may be experiencing and tips for managing them during the pandemic.

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Losing Your Job

Unfortunately, job loss is one of the most common life changes people are facing during the pandemic. While some newly unemployed workers will be able to return to their jobs after the pandemic ends, many people wonít have a workplace to return to.

Getting hired immediately after the pandemic will be challenging as people race back to work, and employers remain strapped for cash. If youíre having trouble getting hired, donít give up. Instead, turn to stopgap solutions that can pad your income and your resume. Looking for freelance work online through job boards is a great way for creatives to develop a portfolio and rub elbows with potential future employers.

Going to College

While some people search for their next job, others are contemplating what their future career will look like. For many, this means continuing their education to become a more marketable and valuable job candidate. Best of all, thanks to technology you can earn everything from an online accounting degree to a business degree to a masterís in teaching, you name it. Online degree programs make it easier to manage work and household obligations, and it helps you maintain social distancing.

Selling Your House

The real estate industry has had to quickly pivot their methods because of the pandemic, using digital tools to keep buyers and sellers safe. These include virtual walkthroughs that let buyers tour houses online and remote closings.

A lot of sellers worried that listing their home would lead to a loss, which has led them to keeping their homes off the market. This low inventory of homes has actually created a sellerís market in many areas.

Having a Baby

Itís possible to put off selling your house if life demands it, but there are some milestones that stop for no crisis.

Having a baby during the pandemic is frightening for expectant parents. Luckily, thereís no evidence to suggest that postpartum mothers or their newborn infants have an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. However, new parents should still take precautions. That unfortunately means not allowing visitors and opting for telemedicine appointments whenever possible.

While itís not easy being separated from your support system as a new parent, you can still find support online during the pandemic. Check this list to find the most popular forums for parents online.

From good changes to bad changes, the coronavirus pandemic makes everything more challenging. No matter what type of milestone youíre going through, make sure youíre taking care of yourself first. With proper self-care you can get through this chapter of life with grace and strength.

Jennifer Scott